Alexandra Khalel


Alexandra Khalel (she/her) is committed to equity in education, justice and a mental health advocate.
As a member of the Progressive Caucus since 2019, she has served on the steering and social media committees, as well as others on an ad hoc basis and helped with the latest website redesign.
Last year, she volunteered on the campaigns of Jessica Vaugn, Sky U. White and Ione Townsend, as well as on the Environmental caucus.
From planning and strategizing social media outreach, ad campaigns and graphics, Alexandra has helped to increase traffic across platforms on behalf of various caucuses and candidates.
Alexandra graduated in 2009 from University of Missouri, St. Louis with a BA degree in Criminology, which led her to working in a group home for children with behavioral and mental disorders. She later entered the corporate world and became a local real estate agent, spearheading recruiting and marketing for a real estate brokerage.
Alexandra lives with her partner, Mohammed Khalel, and their 2 children, Laila and Nasir (Nah-Sir). As a multicultural Arab and Black household, the Khalel family is dedicated to a future based on equity and inclusion.