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Alexandra Khalel


Alexandra Khalel (she/her) is committed to equity in education, justice and a mental health advocate.As a member of the Progressive Caucus since 2019 and is a member of many community organizations, Alexandra is a Girl Scout leader, a member of the PASCO Coalition,
and the Pasco Schools Equity Advisory Board. She is also a freelance personal assistant and social media consultant. Alexandra graduated in 2009 from University of Missouri, St. Louis with a BA degree in Criminology, which led her to working in a group home for children with behavioral and mental disorders. She later entered the corporate world and became a local real estate agent, spearheading recruiting and marketing for a real estate brokerage.
Alexandra lives with her partner, Mohammed Khalel, and their 2 children, Laila and Nasir . As a multicultural Arab and Black household, the Khalel family is dedicated to a future based on equity and inclusion.

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