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Vanessa Lester

Board Member

Vanessa Lester (she/her/they/them) has been involved in almost every aspect of community outreach, fundraising, candidate endorsements, GOTV by canvassing, phone banking & poll greeting. Formerly serving as Vice President of DPCTB from 2018 to 2020, they also served as a Precinct Committeewoman; Hillsborough County DEC Vice Chair of Operations; Bernie Sanders Delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention; Board Member of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCTB’s parent); and most recently as Hillsborough County Democratic Party State Committeewoman, representing the county on a statewide level. Vanessa also assisted in the creation and implementation of Strategy & Election plans for the County Democratic Party, and served on multiple committees including Steering Committees, Precinct & Field, Diversity & Inclusion, Public Relations (specifically, Social Media), Campaign/Candidate, Platform and Voter Protection. Vanessa currently serves as a Board member for the DPCTB and continues to use the knowledge they have gained through their activism to push the county to the left.

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