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HB1 is a Threat to Democracy

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay condemns the bill signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, known as HB1. We endorse the statement of March for Our Lives Florida’s Condemnation of the Passage of HB1 which states, in part:

This bill emboldens and protects white supremacists who seek to injure peaceful demonstrators, threatens peaceful protestors with a felony, and penalizes local municipalities that choose to divert funds towards community-based violence intervention/Prevention Programs (VIPs).

Despite opposition from a wide coalition of survivors of police violence, religious leaders, community leaders, business owners, students, and law enforcement agencies, the legislature prioritized the passage of this bill while millions of Floridians are still waiting for a living wage, COVID relief, affordable housing and healthcare.

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay condemns the passing of HB1 and the failure of so many of our lawmakers in Tallahassee to listen to the needs of their constituents.

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