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Nina Tatlock

Board Member

Nina Tatlock (she/her) first volunteered to knock on doors in 2010 to help get Democrats elected as Governor and Senator of Florida. She started following various progressive organizations online, such as Progressive Democrats of America and the push to get Bernie to run for President. Because of Bernie, Nina is an elected Precinct Committee Woman in Hillsborough County and serves as a voting member in our Hillsborough County Democratic Party, as well as on the Steering Committee of our Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) as Chair of the Platform Committee.

Nina was one of the founding members of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Tampa Bay chapter in 2017, serving in leadership early on and as President from March 2019 to March 2021. She currently holds a board member position and continues to do committee work. Nina was a 2020 PLEO (Political Leader, Elected Official) Delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention due to her holding the elected position of President of our DPCTB chapter that year.

She has been a member of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida (DPCF), our parent state caucus that sanctions our local chapters, since 2015. She has actively participated on the campaign committee since 2017 and is a contributing member of the Ad Hoc Chapter Development Committee. Nina was elected to the DPCF Board of Directors in 2021 and as Vice President in 2023.

Nina holds a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University in Consumer and Family Sciences, as well as an Associate of Science from Indiana University in Optometric Technology. With a history of organizational volunteering since 2000, she is eager to help or mentor any younger progressives interested in getting involved. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about our DPCF organization and our DPCTB chapter:

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